Extended Interview

For this blog assignment I chose to watch Jon Stewart’s extended interview with Betsy McCaughey. I was reading the short descriptions of the videos and I wanted to hear more about it. The description to this interview is “Betsy McCaughey supports health care for uninsured Americans, but opposes a $500 billion Medicare cut to pay for it.” At first I didn’t understand why Stewart was having such a difficult time talking to McCaughey. I gradually grew as annoyed as him because she kept looking at the audience and not really conversing with Jon about the bill. I can understand Betsy’s belief that cutting Medicare will affect senior citizens since less money will be getting to them. At the same time, I don’t believe it was ever as much of an issue as she was making it out to be.

When she read the letter from the doctor near the end she seemed to be filled with glee thinking she had just trumped Stewart. In actuality, her letter seemed silly. Doctors have always had their hands tied behind their backs because of the government. Doctor’s should work with just the care of the patient in mind, but that has never really been the case. They are forced to treat a patient based on whether or not they are insured and can pay for the help they are given. Even this bill had only a minor impact on how patients are treated if they cannot pay.

            We discussed in class a few weeks ago how money is the main goal of the media. It is the main goal for almost everyone. Money really does make the world go round and that is what the government is after as well. The government always seems to pick the most economical choice rather than the most humane one. The majority of Republicans see helping or giving money to people that can’t afford it as unnecessary. They often believe that people that don’t have money are just too lazy to work and earn it. I can understand that hard working people don’t want to just give away their money to the less fortunate, but there are other factors involved. Some of those poor uninsured people can’t find work because they are injured or sick. Some may be mentally incapable of working. Others may have to balance school, work, and taking care of a family.

            I’m glad the bill was passed, but it was only a minor step in the road to a humane and fair America.


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