MILO #7 – Wrap Up

On Milo’s (Rory Ferreira) Facebook page, he put some interesting tidbits of information up. The tagline where it says biography, he wrote “opportunity’s knock was really just the pizza man.” I chuckled to myself as I read it in his sad voice. It’s about the irony in life. I found it interesting he thought to write that, however, since he seems to be blessed with a talent. He obviously has people who love his work and what he’s doing. For his influences he wrote “asceticism, d-i-y, loneliness, boredom.” I found it surprising he didn’t include sadness since that is a constant feeling that arises when listening to his music. I’m assuming that the sadness falls under loneliness though.” Do/design it yourself,” was a very good one to list since he created this album in his room with friends. When talking about DIY, Milo said, “it gives me an opportunity to be more honest. When I’ve been in studios with other people, I feel myself conforming and that’s not at all what I want for Milo projects.” I searched for the meaning of ascetic and found, “a person who leads an austerely simple life, especially one who abstains from the normal pleasures of life or denies himself or herself material satisfaction.” I like that despite his unique approach to life, people are still able to relate to his music. This just further proves that emotions connect really connect people. Also, since his fan base is still small, he is able to respond to all the comments and questions people leave him.

Milo originally categorized his music under Nerd-Hop. When asked about it in an interview he responded that Nerd-Hop is a musical portrayal of nerdiness, awkwardness, and intelligence. He also said that his first album, “I wish my brother Rob was here,” falls under this catergory, but his newest mixtape is “more like self help hop/computerized soul folk.” Also, Milo prefers going to school and doing music because of the politics in the music business. Having two different passions to strive for allows him to distance himself from the music business and allows him to create the music for his own pleasure, rather than a company’s pockets. Milo is ahead of his time and it’s very unfortunate he isn’t more well-known. It gives me hope, however, that when I introduce him to friends they fall in love with his witty stanzas just as quickly as I did. And I will end this personal music album blog with the very same words Milo said parting his interview, “support weirdo creations. Keep it funky at all times.






One thought on “MILO #7 – Wrap Up

  1. Hey Febiav!

    So first thing to point out is YOU FORGOT YOUR RATING! NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    Anyway, I have to say, reading his personal little quotes, I feel like he tries way too hard. Like, super, super hard, and the pay off is nil. Again, maybe it’s biased because I’m not truly a fan of his, and I see what he’s trying to do, but, he doesn’t really do it. And this closing blog could have been a great opportunity for you to say why he is the best thing out there in so called “nerd-hop”. I feel like you didn’t deliver it this time around.

    I also found this sentence a little awkward, “This just further proves that emotions connect really connect people”. I mean, people get that emotions are universal, but, what about THESE emotions can be universal?

    I feel like you brought so much to the table in the first set of blogs, and left me hanging on the edge of a cliff by my fingers and lost your grip trying to pull me up, and I died, and now I’m sad :c

    However, the blog is good, so I am hoping I don’t leave you with this impression I thought they were eh at best this entire time. I also realize you were super ill, so I am going to cut you mucho slack for that, and hope that you BRING IT for that final project.

    Some super awesome words in the future for your next set of blogs

    1. Be organized a little bit better! Some classwork blogs are in your Milo series which makes for some frustrating navigation.
    2. Be descriptive of the artist, of your feelings to the piece, of universal comments to the piece, don’t be afraid to put it all out there because it’s only going to benefit you.

    My darling Febiav, I wish you nothing but luck and good health the rest of this project, and future semesters ahead.


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