MILO #6 – Most Ignored Song: The Theif Of Always

I thought it would be interesting for one of my posts to pick a song on this mixtape that I don’t usually listen to very much. Everyone has a few certain songs from an album they adore more than the others and unfortunately there are also the songs that are forgotten. The ignored song I chose to pay special attention to for this post is, The Theif Of Always. I give this song 3 ½ stars.

            In the beginning of this song he mentions the mind/body problem, which I’m actually learning in philosophy. The problem is no one knows for sure if the mind and body are two separate entities or if they work together. I forget sometimes that Milo’s major is philosophy. He also goes on to talk about fair trade policies and how he buys organic food. He touches on a bit over everything in these lyrics. I liked the lines “We act like we’re better than those who have less/Then cry foul when the rich act arrogant.” It’s very true how a majority of the middle class complain about the very poor people, yet they also are bitter towards the rich. It was brave of Milo to admit that he honestly doesn’t know if he would sell out or not. Money does make the world go round and people need to make a living. Though Milo admits this, he also is ashamed of it. The background this song paints a picture in my head of grainy film from the past. I also couldn’t decide whether I heard the pitter patter of rain or static near the ending.

Right before I begun this project I stumbled across the artist Baths (Will Wiesenfeld) and the song, Lovely Bloodflow. I was pleased to find out that Milo’s second mixtape, “Milo Takes A Bath,” that was released February 19th of this year, used tracks from Baths. The album contains instrumentals with water sounds like dripping and pipes. This actually connects back to his first mixtape because his friend Robert died in water. I’ve listened to this new album once the entire way through and I like it, but I’m not as impressed as I was with “I wish my brother Rob was here.” I felt that because Milo had so much emotion from his friend’s death, he was able to create such moving songs. This new album to me is more of the debris of Milo’s emotions. It seems like he’s trying to stretch them out into this album, but it isn’t translating very well.



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