MILO #5 – Most Likely To Bring Tears To Your Eyes: One Lonely Owl

The entire first mixtape of Milo is very poignant. The entire album is based on Milo’s good friend, Rob Espinosa, who drowned in the summer. The actual title of the album is also “a cross reference to Del the Funky Homosapien’s classic debut, ‘I wish my brother George was here.’”  Milo had already been making a tape, but when he found out about his friend’s death he started fresh and came up with “I wish my brother Rob was here.” In his songs he talks about how Robert and him had been very close in the past. They began talking less and less, like most good friends do when they are on different paths in life. Milo doesn’t produce the actual mixtape, which few people realize. He finds different beats and instrumentals online and mixes and masters then by himself and then credits the producers. Joel Frieders seemed to hit the nail on the head when he said that “everything Milo says regarding missing his friend Rob is uncomfortably honest, but so fucking genuine it literally took the breath out of me.”

I thought it would be interesting to choose which of his songs was the most heartbreaking for me. It was originally a tie between “Just Us” and the beginning of “One Lonely Owl.” I decided to save “Just Us” for another entry. There are two distinct parts to “One Lonely Owl.” The first part is Milo opening up his thoughts and his heart to us. The second part is more of the front he seems to be putting on. The last few lines of the first part are “When Robert died I was in a bookstore that wasn’t born yet/And all around me spun the narratives of other fallen heroes/Dust! Dust! Dust!/Dust on the tomes of the stories of yesterday;/Dust on the tombs of the heroes of today.” It made me think about how everyone will eventually leave this earth and our existence will just fade away. Our souls and memories will eventually collect dust and be forgotten, not matter how great an impact we left. I felt that in these few lines Milo is talking about how everyone often forgets to appreciate the important people in their lives. This song leaves the listener with such an eerie feeling, but I love it. I love the way Milo is able to manipulate my tear ducts and make my heart swell. Milo makes me sad that I’ll never get to know what a great person Robert was. I would give this song 4 stars.


One thought on “MILO #5 – Most Likely To Bring Tears To Your Eyes: One Lonely Owl

  1. Hey Febiav!

    I have to say, this is not my most favorite post from you, and I just can’t put my hand on why. You did a great job with some quotations, and crediting your sources. Although was the word tome supposed to be tomb? In one of the lyrics? I’m kind of confused on that.

    I think it’s harder to connect to this because he is talking about his difficulty loosing a certain person, all while you are trying to connect it to the dear friend you “lost” as well, but I don’t see you referencing that much through the blog.

    It could also be that I am just not a fan, eh, I don’t know. Either way you did do a good job, but not the greatest that you can do!


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