MILO #4 – Favorite Song: Just Us

The first song of Milo’s I listened to was “Just Us,” and it still remains my favorite. I would rate this song five stars. It really makes me feel lonely listening to it, though the words he says in the beginning aren’t at first. At the start of the song he talks about himself a little and how he is different from other people. In the ending it is obvious he is lonely and it brings tears to my eyes. He cares so much about friends, but it seems like it’s hard for him to connect with people because he is so different. I can relate to this sometimes. Everyone has felt like an outside at some point and the friends we do have that are able to accept our flaws and differences mean so much.  The listener is able to feel the loss Milo feels. We try to connect the loss we’ve felt with his and it’s so powerful.

The last line of this song are “When your facebook becomes your memorial page/And I swear I cry when I look through the pictorial display.” Every time I hear him say those words I feel as if my heart is ripping into two. It’s awful looking back on pictures with someone that passed away. I look through their old pictures and see them smiling and happy. They don’t even know that their life will be taken away way so soon. Those moments that are captured and physical are helpful to keep the memory of lost ones alive.

            On the topics of Milo’s DIY productive, Joel Frieders said, “once you take a step to the side and not only see something for what it is, you can start looking at who created it and see them for what they could be.” I didn’t really see a problem with Milo’s DIY process, but for listeners that do have an issue with this; Joel’s statement should be read. Milo wants his music to be 100% controlled by him. Many artists start this way, but eventually give in to letting big corporations take over and control the creative process.

            I’ve been learning a lot more about Milo and his personality and it helps me understand his music a lot better. He doesn’t partake in drugs and alcohol like the majority of college kids. He doesn’t seem to be materialistic. He is very focused on his goals. He balances his music as well as a good gpa. I really respect that he doesn’t do the average college kid activities.






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