MILO #3 – The Most Clever Song: Mr. Doubt(w)riter

One of the most clever songs in this album would probably be “Mr. Doubt(w)riter.” He begins the song by talking about how his ancestors were slaves and then talks about unimportant things like how people post pictures on Facebook of all the parties they go to. He talks about how he finds grammar important and says “cause everything ain’t all good like these gnarly bros.” He mocks the laid back surfer stereotype and how his peers often focus on silly insignificant things, while there is a big world out there. I feel like the message of this song is very important in understand who Milo is and what his album signifies. Young people take life for granted and fill their time with being inebriated or drugged up and they are just wasting this precious time. His friend Robert have done even more amazing things, but his life was taken away way too young. Milo abstains from drinking and drugs because when he’s sober he is productive and he believes that is what living is really about. I would rate this song 4 ½ stars out of 5. I love that Milo is able to show his beliefs and why they are affective rather than force feeding his views to listeners.

I was curious what Milo’s inspiration was for making music and fortunately he answered this in an interview I was able to find online. His lyrical inspiration is great writing. He loves philosophy so he reads a lot on the subject. In the interview he said “Schopenhauer is a tremendous lyrical inspiration. He’s prone to really wicked and wild analogies.” I did a little research on Schopenhauer and he was well-known for his pessimism as well as his philosophy. I was a little surprised at first since Milo seems to be such an optimistic person. I then realized the answer was for lyrical inspiration, which is different than inspiration in life. Milo’s lyrics in this album are mainly focused on how unfair the world is for taking away his friend, who was such a good guy. His lyrics in this album are a bit pessimistic about the world, but Milo as an artist seems to be more hopeful. Another person Milo looks up to is David Foster Wallace because of his ability to bring life to “seemingly mundane detail.” Milo says that his top lyrical inspiration is Nas’ album, Illmatic. He goes on to say that “Nas is not my favorite rapper by any means, nor has he ever been. But Illmatic is a perfect album, flawless, his style on that album is beyond me still.” 



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