“The Best Money Democracy Can Buy: Bush Family Fortunes” Greg Palast 2004.

I have watched documentaries similar to this one in the past. I already knew about the scandalizing way Bush won the election. This jogged my memory. I liked the way the filmmakers included the creepy music in the beginning with screeches to add effects. At first, I believed it was too dramatic and exaggerated, but then I realized it wasn’t. Bush deceived millions of people and silenced their voices. He tricked Americans and still somehow was allowed to be a President, despite all the voices against him. This is BIG. This deserves all the dramatic creepy music in the world. They also played this crazy wild rock music when talking about powerful George Bush near the beginning. They would also refer to George Bush Senior as George Bush’s daddy. It was humorous how hard Greg Palast was trying to go to anger and make fun of Bush. He wanted to belittle Bush as much as possible and show the audience that this guy is awful. The main speaker also dressed in a detective costume, which I thought was silly. He had a trench coat, a hat, and a notepad.  

The interview that most stuck with me in this video is of Willie Steen. The people in charge of the voter registration in Florida turned him down because they said he was a listed felon. He explained in his interview that he served four years in the military. He served in the Persian Gulf War in 1991. Since then, he’s been active in the medical field. He said “Pretty screwed up how they did me, but what can I say?” And it’s very true, what can he say or do? His voice was snuffed out, as were millions of others. It’s awful that so many Americans have the mindset that their vote or voice doesn’t count, but it’s perfectly understandable why. I meet a lot of people who tell me they don’t vote because they don’t think it will change anything. Some of their reasons are because of things like this election. Others say because no matter which president is elected, they’ll all act the same and ignore voices in America.  94,000 votes were tossed out during the Bush/Gore election because they were believed to be felons. 95% of those voters were innocent.


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