Milo – Blog#1

I had a good friend, who I was also infatuated with. We would talk a lot. Our conversations ranged from deep one hour long chats to shallow small talk. We used to recommend each other different songs and try to top one another. One day he linked me to the song “Just Us (For my friend Robert, who doesn’t live here anymore)” by Milo. I fell in love with the song instantly. I downloaded Milo’s entire album “I wish my brother Rob was here,” which was free on Milo’s site. I listened to the album on the subway, while I was walking, while I was doing work, and while friends were over. When we were asked to pick an album to analyze I had a lot of possibilities in my head. I was debating between Childish Gambino, Clams Casino, The Black Keys, Matt & Kim, and Milo. I ended up choosing Milo because I wanted to know more about him. His music moved me in a way the other artists on my list haven’t.

The main reason I chose Milo was because his clever raps stood out. Some of my favorite Milo lines are “Kurt Vonnegut writes off death with a, ‘So it goes’. I guess that’s the primary difference between a poet and writer of prose. I’m not trying to compress your existence into nicely wrapped tidbits. That’d be an insult to your memory as well as metaphysics.” His words are so clever and yet moving. Some of his songs had my eyes filled to their brim in tears. I feel my heart is swelling up with his rhythmic beats.

Unfortunately, a week ago, the good friend I had turned out to be someone else entirely. We ended our friendship, but I was starting this entire blog based on analyzing this album that he had recommended me. The songs now that I listen to from Milo are even more moving.  I, in a different way, lost a very important friend and person in my life. It’s especially terrible when unrequited love is involved. In a way, I’m glad that I stuck with this album. It fills me with sadness at times, but maybe that emotion will help me get into the shoes of Milo and the album he created in memory of his friend Robert.


One thought on “Milo – Blog#1

  1. FEBIAV!!!!

    You make me swoon all the time, I swear it.

    Anyway, I am glad you stuck out this album too. It was great getting some of his lyrics while reading about the artist and how you related the lyrics to yourself, or just in general. Wonderfully done!

    I would have loved to have seen an album rating, it saddens me that you forgot, but I know you were pretty much walking around with the black death, so, I won’t hold it against you.

    I’m sorry about your friend, sometimes life sends you those little stings to put things in perspective, and instead of abandoning ship you stick with it. Highfive for you. And, I must admit, I am super glad you didn’t choose the Black Keys, because I would have tore my eyes out.

    Although when I started listening to Milo, I didn’t feel half as passionately about him as you clearly do, I’m eager to read all of your blogs to maybe change my opinion.


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