Music Blog #5 – Least Favorite Song

            My least favorite song of “Mr. Beast” is Glasgow Mega-Snake. I didn’t like this song because it sounded like just a bunch of noise to me. As I researched on Mogwai’s music I found out that this song is a good depiction of what they usually sound like. I enjoyed most of this album because of the emotional roller-coaster it put me in. This song stood out to me because it seemed very angry. When I listened to it I imagined two people fighting passionately. It made me extremely anxious and almost imitated the feeling of having butterflies in your stomach when you’re nervous. Despite me not liking this song, it was put together very well. It still forced me to feel something, which I think was Mogwai’s goal. I would give this song three stars out of five because the only reason I don’t like it is because I hate when music makes me feel angry. 

            Having to listen to this song was definitely challenging. I was into almost every song except for this one in the album. I couldn’t skip it because it is against the whole project. The point is I have to listen to the entire album and give my input and what I’ve learned. When I was reading the group’s frequently asked questions section, I noticed the title of this song in one of the answers. They began their band when “Stuart and Dominic met at a Ned’s Atomic Dustbin gig in Glasgow in 199? …and four years after that, the band formed and Martin joined as the drummer.” I thought it was very interesting that they chose to name the one song that sounds like their original songs and titled it with the place they first really met and started Mogwai. It’s also surprising that the song that seems to symbolize their start and who they used to be is so angry and passionate. I wondered if their other song titles signified anything important, because I couldn’t really read into them and figure it out. They also answered that question “We make up the music first and add the titles later. Because we don’t use a singer, it’s much harder to come up with a name for a song so it’ll be something that one of us has said or seen that sounds good or makes us laugh or whatever. Arguably, the titles have nothing to do with the songs .“ The answer made me laugh, but disappointed me a little because I like hearing the stories behind the titles because they are little clues to help deciphering the song.


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