Music Blog #4 – Most Inspiring Song

The most inspiring song in the album Mr. Beast would have to be, Auto Rock.  This song is hauntingly beautiful, mixed with simple chord progressions and complex layered rhythms. The beginning of the song slowly builds up the listener’s emotion, which most of Mogwai’s songs are known for. This one, however, beat out the rest of the songs in this album. When this song is playing even the most mundane tasks seem extremely significant. My emotions are heightened and I feel as if everything I love is at stake. It makes the listener feel powerful and in control of whatever situation. It is very difficult to put into words what this song makes you feel, but inspiring is the first word that comes to mind when I hear the strong bold drums.

I mainly played this song on the subway from my commute to school and home. Even when I was just sitting on the blue seats in such a boring inactive setting, I felt empowered by this song.  It made me feel like I was about to do something life changing and amazing. I would want to get up and start running as the rhythm began to speed up. The drums in this song are so powerful and it feels as if your heart is playing with the song and is being manipulated by the tempo. This isn’t the type of song that can be played lightly in the background. You cannot help but feel taken over by, Auto Rock.

            This song reminds me of the article professor Dunphy sent out about why Adele’s music makes so many people emotional and teary eyed. The word for it is appoggiaturas, or grace notes and it “contrasts the melody and creates tension” causing the listener to feel emotional. In Youngteam’s review of “Mr. Beast” they described the intro of, Auto Rock, as “a soulful piano surge that delicately prods at every control center in the brain.”  I thought this short description of the song was spot on. This song almost has a magical effect. The same article made a commentary about how the majority of Mogwai’s music has the recurring theme of a “quiet- loud/quiet-loud” buildup, but this song differed from their usual music.



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