Music Blog #3 – Most Likely to be in a Movie Soundtrack

            The song in “Mr. Beast” that is most likely to be a in a movie soundtrack is Acid Food. This song is so tragically beautiful. Whenever I listen to it I have an entire movie scene playing out in my head. I see a man who is heartbroken over a woman and he keeps thinking about her and the times they’ve had together. It is bittersweet because the memories of them together are so happy, but sad because she is no longer in his life. In another post I also wrote about how this song gives reminds me of a Hawaiian or tropical place too. It’s hard to think of a bittersweet song with a Hawaiian tone. Mogwai believes their music should evoke the emotion they want from the listener. They don’t want just the words and lyrics to get out what they mean. The listener is supposed to feel something from the instruments and the lyrics aren’t meant to be as significant.

The lyrics are:

“What happened after the storm
Was everyone okay
I tried to call again
I think they’ve gone away

(Will you look the other way)
(Will you look the other way)
(Will you look the other way)
(Will you look the other way)

I dreamt of an ice-age today
Cold and white to see
I walked for miles and miles
They came back another way
We learned them as we went
Forgot them straight away
The ones we left behind
The ones we sent away

(Will you look the other way)
(Will you look the other way)
(Will you look the other way)
(Will you look the other way)”

In the first stanza of the song it sounded like they are talking about a relationship. The storm represents a fight between a man and a woman and he continued trying to fix the relationship, but he pushed her away. This is just my interpretation, however. This song, like most of the others in Mr.Beast, has no specific meaning. All their songs are up for interpretation and mean to be deciphered by the listener. Mogwai doesn’t want to have to tell their listeners what they are trying to get them to feel. Their songs are generally heartbreaking and beautiful, which would fit most dramatic movies.  Even the lyrics in this song are so vague that they could mean anything.

            I would give this song four and a half stars. It is hauntingly beautiful and it stays in the listener’s head. Many different elements are woven together and the end product is so moving. I wondered how other people viewed this album and as I searched I found many negative reviews mixed in with the good ones. The negative reviews felt like a personal attack on me. I was angered and annoyed by them. One reviewer wrote “Mogwai are the kind of group that thinks ‘expanding the palette’ means slapping electronics on top of bedsit melodrama. Their efforts at stretching boundaries falter because they have inscribed themselves within such narrow aesthetic parameters, hitting a fourth chord feels like a massive achievement.” I agree that they have a common theme within their music, but all artists do. Musicians become famous because they perfect their own type of style and Mogwai’s style is their own. Though I have not yet listened to their other albums, plenty of other reviewers pointed out how this is different than Mogwai’s other stuff. They are perfecting their style, and I don’t believe they’ve given themselves narrow boundaries. It’s silly to say that any album sounds too similar to the other albums made before it. Of course songs by the same artist will sound a bit similar. I think Mogwai did a terrific job at giving this album variety.


One thought on “Music Blog #3 – Most Likely to be in a Movie Soundtrack

  1. Ah Febiav!

    You, my love are astounding me with each post you make. Although sometimes there is a slip in grammar here and there (could possibly be a slip in the keyboard, no biggie but watch for the future) I whole heartedly agree with everything you are saying and have no questions in my mind.

    The first time I heard Mogwai (and really listened to everything that was Mogwai) I was sitting on my friend Scott’s porch in Boone, North Carolina. A really nice mountain town. It was misting out that night, and there was this huge tree infront of his house obstructing any view in front of us. For months I painted that tree, and threw myself into a dream world of sorts with him always in mind.

    What I’m trying to say is, the music does affect people differently, and it is always up for interpretation, and you have hit it right on the head.

    A little bit into the instrumentals of the track would be nice, such as what instruments they do use, etc.

    I also find it awesome that you posted a negative view, and opposed it. High five.

    Fantastic, work.


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