Music Blog #2 – On The Radio

This album would not be on the radio at all. Not because it does not deserve the recognition, but because unique and breathtaking music is rarely played for the masses. People want songs that give them a good feeling inside or something catchy that can be played five times in under an hour. Mogwai’s, Mr. Beast, does not  have songs like that. The songs in this album are heartbreaking and emotional and unexpected. People want their songs to have happy endings, but, Mr. Beast, is about the struggle for that happy ending. Alen McGee, head of Creation Records, commented that he “can’t see how [Mr. Beast] is going to be played on Radio One or Radio Two but you know what – it is probably the greatest art rock record that I’ve been involved in since My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless. It is possibly better than Loveless.” For the sake of this blog entry I will pretend Mogwai would be accepted by the radio community.

First up in the Mogwai lineup is “Auto Rock.” This is perfect for some deep thinking music or if you are going for a jog. It really energizes you so forget the coffee and just listen to this tune. The next song we have is Glasgow Mega-Snake. This jingle is filled with sick guitar attacks and chaos. I recommend this to anyone who needs some angry music to vent with. The next one goes out to all you that are a feeling a little down right now. Acid Food, has been described as “vocoder-filtered singing and programmed beats with a plaintive lap-steel line.” The last song I will play from this album is, Friend of the Night. This song is one of my favorites and I hope everyone listening out there will love it too. There is a similar buildup in the songs, but this one definitely stands out.
            Honestly, Mogwai, does not sound like anything else out there. If I had to pick a song and artist, however, I would pick “Eluvium” by Radio Ballet. I first heard this song two years ago and it blew me away. It was soft and delicate, yet still evoked so much emotion from the listener. That same feeling was found once again, but more intense with “Mr. Beast.”


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