Music Blog #1

When I was first choosing an album for this project “Mr. Beast” by Mogwai jumped out for me. I am usually not as into instrumental albums as I am into lyrical groups, but I felt Mogwai was an excellent choice. I originally thought “Mr. Beast” would be fast paced and a lot more electronic. I thought this because the only other instrumental album I have in my library is Ratatat. The group’s name “Mogwai,” sounded very ethnic as well, so I believed there would be an oriental Asian vibe to the music. The cover of the album seemed very cartoonish and silly at first glance, but then I realized it reminded me of paintings I had studied last year. The artist drew contorted humans with their limbs too thin and their heads too big as well. Also, the table on the cover had a bunch of white spills. I thought about the cliché, “don’t cry over spilt milk,” and on the cover it seems like all the characters have is spilt milk. The album could be about how the artists cope with the unfortunate events in their life or the “split milk”, though that could be reading too much into it.

My initial impression was surprise and amazement. It’s a rarity to see artists successfully use their talent to really manipulate people into feeling a certain emotion within every song. That is what Mogwai did in this album. My mood continuously adapted to each song in Mr. Beast. My initial impression of each song differed. The first song, Auto Rock, was gut wrenching. Acid Food was a nice relaxed beat and I was surprised it had lyrics. I wasn’t a big fan of “Glasgow Mega-Snake” because it was a bit too aggressive for my taste. “Travel Is Dangerous” was very beautiful, but at parts bitter. The intro to “Team Handed” was really memorable for me. It was delicate, yet confident. “Friend of the Night” was a very nice song. It reminded me of the end of a movie where the hero is running towards his true love and they embrace. The song “Emergency Trap” gave me a weird anxious feeling, but I enjoyed it. Honestly, I didn’t really like “Folk Death 95” very much. A lot of it was a chaotic mess and then suddenly simple chords. “I Chose Horses” had a very magical and almost childlike beginning. It put a beautiful image into my head of the sun setting. I was unhappy with “We’re No Here” as the last song in this album. I felt like the song started out so strong and unique, and the ending sounded similar to other songs in the album. Image


One thought on “Music Blog #1

  1. Hey Febiav!

    While you kicked a** for this entire first post, you forgot your rating! NoOoOooO!

    You did a great job with breaking down artistic concepts, shortly getting into what you liked and disliked about each song, even the band name! (which actually originates from The Gremlins. That is what Gremlins are considered before they turn, Mogwai’s).

    It bums me out to no end that unfortunately some of your posts were late too, hence bringing down whatever grade you end up getting from the Professor down by half. NoOooO! Try to keep deadlines in mind in the future, and ratings :] Other than that, great, amazing first post. Job well done.


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