Huck Finn

The 5th estate did cover it well. Jon Stewart’s segment about it was especially good. I agree with what was said about Mark Twain putting in the n-word for a reason. He used it so many times because back then the word was not a big deal at all. By changing the word to slave, what is it really accomplishing? I understand that the word makes some people uncomfortable. I understand that by changing the word more people will be able to read it, or at least that is the argument. This is a high school reading level book and high school students learn history as well as literature. I’m sure the students will see the correlation between American history and why that word is so freely used in this book. It is a good example of the American mindset back then.

            I don’t think the n-word should be erased from Huckleberry Finn. It is a bit like trying to erase American history or trying to cover it up. Americans should read books from the past and see how far society has come since then. There should be little reminders that point out what huge mistakes we’ve let happen in this nation. Jon Stewart’s guest commented about one of the characters in the book not being able to run away from being a nigger but being able to run away from being a slave. It was a humorous statement that received many laughs, but it made me think. You shouldn’t be able to run away from your history because it defines you. The character in the book was called the n-word because in that period that’s what everyone saw him as. Americans shouldn’t be able to run away from this book and others like it just because it is embarrassing to see how awful people were treated in the past. America’s history is what makes America – the good and the bad.

            It is ridiculous to censor literature because it is offensive. Literature is free and no censorship should be involved. One of the things Americans pride themselves in is how the government can’t control what we say. The censoring of this one book may have a domino effect and begin an entire campaign of censorship in American culture of small imperfections in our history.


One thought on “Huck Finn

  1. Hey Febiav!

    I agree totally that it’s ridiculous some literature is attempting to be censored. Expression is definitely key to a good source of literature. Nicely done with this post! However, you are missing a blog post altogether. I believe it’s the Top Secret America/Frontline post. As I read further I will let you know. However you can find this assignment on Professor Dunphy’s blog and submit the assignment as soon as possible.

    Especially because you did such a beautiful job with all of your Mogwai posts and moved me to literal tears :c


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